Are Mavic freehubs very noisy?

the playing mantis
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went out on the summer bike for the first time this yr at the wkend, and it seemed particularly noisy. i cant for the life of me remember if it was this noisy last year, but i think its normal as the freehub on the aksiums is a noisy one. Can anyone confirm????


  • lakesluddite
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    My Aksiums make a noise whilst freewheeling, but I wouldn't say it was that loud. Noticable, but not deafening.

    They certainly haven't become any more or less noisy since purchase, 18 months ago.
  • djm501
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    Mine are pretty noisy (Aksiums) - very effective for alerting pedestrians ahead when on a shared cycle/pedestrian path.
  • yeah the pawls when freewheeling, i suppsose not deafening, but my communter is silent in compariosn. i prefer it tbh, as horses/peds etc can hear me coming from some way back when its quiet and im coasting, just wanted to make sure nothing was amiss as just had it serviced.

    case closed.
  • Give the pawls and springs a clean and re-grease, should be fine they are easy to strip down. Check out youtube videos.
  • kettrinboy
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    As said above some light oil on the pawls and on the plastic bush on my SL,s quietens the freehub down for a while then they get louder as the oil dries out , dont know about using grease it might cause the springs/pawls to stick a bit.
  • Mine were lovely and noisy until my lbs oiled them.
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