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Triban 5 Vs Felt F95

johnmolloyjohnmolloy Posts: 28
edited August 2013 in Road buying advice
Hello all, looking to buy my first road bike and after lots and lots of research have narrowed it down to these two: ... 39801.html

I like the look of the 2 bikes equally and to my untrained eye the spec's on the bikes seem to be pretty much the same. The Felt works out about €100 more expensive (£85). Just looking for a few opinions on whether it's worth spending the few extra pounds on the Felt re: quality of components, resale value, upgrading potential/cost etc.

I imagine a few will say go for the bike what feels the best, but I am unable to get a test ride on either bike due to my location on the Triban and I can't find a shop that still has any F95's left.

Also quick question on sizing, I'm 6ft tall and Felt stockist said size 58 would be the bike for me (he only glanced at me), so I assume size 57 would be the way to go on the triban.

Any opinions/advice greatfully received, cheers


  • Hi.

    I'm new to road biking myself to and I've just purchased a Z95 in the sale and still waiting for it to arrive.

    To be honest I slightly regret getting it after seeing: ... 3/?pr=2053

    Shimano Sora with the addition of Fulcrum wheels, which is going to be lighter rolling than the stock ones of the Felt.

    But based on the bikes you showed me you are getting more for your money with the Triban, its great value for the money but for me I would personally still opt for the Felt, just because its a preference!

    That being said, either or will be a great ride for you. There's only so much they can do with putting bikes together on a limited budget. But if you were looking to factor in accessories, such as a computer, lock, lights, pedals, shoes (etc) they all start to add up too. So that is something to consider if on a tight budget.

    As for sizing, you need to consider other factors, not just height.
  • Hey thanks for the reply, although i'm not sure throwing another bike into my already convoluted thinking is helping me much :D

    Yes I agree the triban 5 seems to offer more bang for my buck but if they were equally priced reckon I would opt for the Felt though (that may be down to the fact there is 20% off the felt-I do love a bargain) and you make a good point about the extra expense of accessories which i have not really priced.

    After my month of exhaustive research I'm itching to get my bike and get out there, waiting to hear back from decathlon as to when the they'll have the triban in stock, but i'm worried that I'll miss out on the felt sale if decathlon tell me it'll be a month before they get stock.

    BTW i had originally decided on Z95 but wiggle have none left now, think you bought my bike! :) Let me know how you get on with it when it arrives.
  • Mickyg88Mickyg88 Posts: 289
    Procrastination is the thief of time..... You won't get either if you don't get sorted.
  • Yeah I know what you mean. I was set on either a second hand Allez or a Z95 really. I just liked the look of the Felt, saw one on store but they didn't have one left in my size so I ordered one from RatRace which I managed to price match to £499! I too am a bargain hunter and a student so the extra £20 goes a long way.

    Here is the sight I found the cheaper price: ... 5b0s6p3672

    I didn't want to buy from that site though as I haven't heard of it before. But I used it successfully to price match so you should give it a go with Wiggle, which could sway your choice! But both bikes are good value for your money anyway.

    I will dude, should be here within a week or so - can't wait!
  • mikey2341mikey2341 Posts: 170
    My wife rides the flat bar version of the Triban, it's a great bike for the money. The Frame and Fork will provide a great basis for upgrades in the future.
  • Well I have a Forme 5 from last year, the flat bar version, and have just changed it over to drops. It is a cracking good bike for the money. Even the Halfords equivalent would have cost a few hundred more when I bought it just over a year ago.
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