Getting Other People Cycling

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Does anyone else here feel a sense of responsibility for friends and family they get into cycling?

I mean, in terms of safety primarily. I guess it is most pronounced for people with children.

I ask because I've got an old bike sitting round and my dad hasn't cycled for years. He still watches all the big races, reads books about Bahamontes and Pantani. He knows his stuff but because he sold his bike due to back problems years ago he just spins in the garage on a knackered exercise bike.

So I was thinking: why not give him my old bike? It's a flat bar too, so would be good for his back.

The only that worries me is his safety: the last time he rode was before carbon fibre, before clipless, and the roads seemed safer then. I'd feel a sense of responsibility were he to go cycling and have an accident. I feel similar with my girlfriend too.

I'm (reasonably) happy for myself to get cut up, abused and so on - but just not my family!

How do you guys with kids do it??


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    I found my nephews was sometimes taking a bike to work, when I say bike is was a really cheap mtb that must have weighed the best part of 20kg (seriously). I got him a used Trek for his birthday. In the two years since then he's lost almost four stone, given up smoking and does a 20-30 mile loop after work if the weather's decent. He also ran / cycled the Highland Cross this year! Totally changed his life, he now has four bikes and tries to get others to take it up.

    So the benefits can be huge, but you need someone with an urge to do it in the first place. I have other friends who bought nice bikes on the cycle-to-work scheme but barely use them. Most site safety as the reason why.

    So I think it depends on the individual, but it's certainly worth trying. If they're unsure then go out with them for a few rides and offer help on bike setup and clothing, etc. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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  • I'd feel a sense of responsibility were he to go cycling and have an accident. I feel similar with my girlfriend too.

    Quite an abnormal thought process, suggest you seek some psychological help.
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • Yep, sounds like I have mental problems
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    I think it is a completely natural feeling to have.

    My mum got into cycling to work because I did and now she cycles in 3 times a week. I do feel a strange sense of responsibility for her cycling and if anything were to happen I would feel partly responsible.

    But since she has started cycling she absolutely loves it, she feels more awake at work and is getting much fitter, its helped sort out her high cholesterol and her and my dad have even been on a few cycling holidays.

    so i'd say give him the old bike, maybe go out with him the first few times to put your mind at rest :-) - a site for sore eyes
  • Giving someone a gift of a bike and them having a accident should not make you feel responsible. Would you feel responsible if you bought someone a screw driver and they managed to slice their hand open. Of course not, as you havn't given them a gun, or something dangerous.
  • No, this all makes sense. And, like Chris said above, the health benefits of it (plus the psychological benefits too) are well worth it.

    Sounds like my dad will be getting a new bike soon then. 8)