Tiagra triple groupset with fsa carbon crankset

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I have decided that I'm going to make the switch back to sram. My reason for this is that the hoods just suit my hands better.

The only way I can afford to do this at the moment is to trade or sell the tiagra setup & im looking for opinions on what it's worth.

Fsa team issue carbon chainset (isis drive bb)
Tiagra triple fd
10sp tiagra rd
Tiagra 4500 shifters

All in great condition.


  • sloppyschleckonds
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    Have you looked at other websites to see what similar items have sold for? Try ebay for instance.
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  • Bozman
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    I've just sold a whole 4500 groupset for a mate that included brakes but it had the standard chainset, £80.
  • cubedean
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    I would need to convert the chainset to a double which would mean new bb and inner ring which would add another £50 or so to the change.

    Hmm £80 wouldn't even get me the levers on a sram setup.