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Hi Guys.

Noob here, had a check through the articles (ordinarily most helpful) but I can’t find a specific answer… so over to you.
Can someone advise me as to how I get some new wheels & disks for my Mountain bike, also good road tyres for said wheels. I have a GT Avalanche 2013 1.0, straight out of the box. I use it for Road and Off Road, but swapping the tyres is becoming Tyresome (sorry…).

I want a quick and inexpensive set up that I can just swap with minimal fuss. If you can help, that would be great.
Thanks in advance.


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    ebay for second hand wheels maybe...

    shimano hubs are easy to service and a turnoff for thieves, you can get wheelsets for very little (£50 a set) but they tend to be sh*te.

    you could buy some bling wheels for off road and use the OEM wheels for town use....

    tyre - slick and as thin as possible
  • nice one, cheers
    will any 26 inch wheels do? i plan on using the new ones for the commute to work only, so they don’t need to be bombproof. what about the disc? will any do (provided it fits).
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    Fairly much any 26"wheel will do fine really, although heavy lumps will negate the benefit of nice skinny road tyres. Brake rotors need to be the same size (diameter) as what you have now, otherwise no specific issues. The spec sheet I saw for that GT has 160mm rotors, and looks to be quite decent spec overall. Merlin Cycles over there have some decent buys in wheels usually. These for example:

    For tyres on road, I'd recommend Continental Sport Contact - a nice semi-slick tyre that rolls well.
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  • That’s so helpful, thank you!
    You guys are great.