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new rear hub for 2012 Trance X3

sandy771sandy771 Posts: 368
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I have the above bike which has Giant S-xc2 rims and i think (from an online spec) gaint tracker sport hubs.

Chap in a lbs looked at it a while back and said that the free hub was on its way out and would need replacing soon.

I have had some problems with un-asked for gear changes (new cassette and chain) and on examination I can see that the cassette wobbles quite a lot. I understand that there should be some play but this is quite a lot. With the wheel in the frame the wheel is solid indicating (to me and I know V little) that the cup and cone bearings are nicely adjusted.

So it looks like the free hub needs replacing and I wondered what I need to do to do this? I have also been told that if I change the hub I will need to change the spokes - this seems odd to me, but as I said I know censored all.

Any ideas?


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,802
    Is the freehub wobbling or the cassette loose on the freehub?

    Freehubs can have replaceable bearings as well....
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  • sandy771sandy771 Posts: 368

    The I have tightened up the cassette so think it is the freehub!
  • You can go to a Giant dealer with your frame number and they can order you a new freehub, however if it's on it's way out, I would swap the whole hub for a Shimano one which will be easier to get parts for, or something like a Hope/DT Swiss hub.
  • sandy771sandy771 Posts: 368
    Thanks - what is involved in swapping a hub out?

    Have removed the wheel and cassette but have not had time to start looking at the hub itself.
  • Dirtydog11Dirtydog11 Posts: 1,621
    Before you write the freehub body off .

    Check the outer gear cables are long enough and free to move, if they're too short or cable tied to the frame too tightly suspension movement can cause them to go slack (be pulled out of cable stops) and you will suffer ghost shifting.
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