Garmin 500 / 800 Upgrade

CaerlyrOsprey Posts: 49
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Hi everyone,

I am currently using a Garmin 410 Forerunner to record my rides. Although wrist worn, it records everything I like to measure when out cycling.

However, I am always looking to spend more money on cycling and am wondering if it is worth "upgrading" from the Forerunner to a Garmin Edge 500 or 800.

Is there any real benefit in doing this?




  • smoggysteve
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    The extra benefits only come from the accessories you can get like a cadence sensor. They give the same data just in a more cycling orientated way. I used to use a Nike+ watch for gps for a while and although I never got elevation data or gradient and the such, it told me speed and distance pretty accurately on the bike. It all depends on what data you want on the move.