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Zipp 404 Firecrest Clinchers

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Hi guys, I have been offered a set of Zipp 404 as above for a good price. I have read countless reviews, online and in mags, and all seem to read well, however I don't think that you can beat real world feedback from genuine owners/users.
So any experiences of these wheels good and bad please. I would consider myself a heavier rider at 14st, but that is well inside the rider weight limit quoted by Zipp. I am currently running a pair of Mavis Cosmic Carbone SL




  • Wirral_paulWirral_paul Posts: 2,476
    Nah you dont want them - pass them on to me for the same good price please :D
  • Hi Bruce,

    I can only comment from a 303 FC Tubular perspective but it might be of some help. I’ve now well and truly broken them in and just rode the London 100 on them.

    Wind – I’m not heavy, so deep rims should blow me about, however I’d read about the ‘shopping cart’ effect of these wheels and can confirm that once hit by a sudden gust the wheels seem to correct their line – just like the wheel on a (working) shopping trolley. I do get considerable buffeting in wind over 15mph but even here the wheels come into effect when the yaw is right. I’d thought about 404 FC’s but decided the 3030 gave the best of both worlds – and was lighter.
    Bearings – Very, very smooth. Almost as good as the ceramic bearing’s in my Zeros. I find the combo of aero rim and bearings gives superb acceleration on downhill sections. I can easily pass bigger mates on non-aero rims and their Mavic/whatever hubs.
    Tyre width – 23mm gives you a better teardrop shape than a 25mm.
    Road feel – I ride tubs so I’m getting the best road experience (suck it up clinchers – it’s a fact ;-)) but compared to my Zeros which can be very harsh on long rides these feel quite comfortable.
    Hubs – You get play built into the hub so don’t panic when the wheel moves a little from side to side when not under rider force.

    Also – they look cool, sound cool and are really light (the tubulars are anyway). Zipp now do just the ‘Zipp’ decal in matte black too for extra stealth – I’ve just ordered some.

    Ugo will be on here in a bit to tell you that you’re throwing your cash away – ignore him ;-)
  • NewTTerNewTTer Posts: 463
    Thanks for that TGD, very helpful, Ugo and I dont see eye to eye, so he wont offer any opinion as he knows I do not value it.
  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 27,706
    No, we don't and Iwon't give you any advice, however you should have a look at this recent topic here on bike radar

  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    There are a few topics on here about the issues with Zipp wheels. Suggest you do a search.

    Edit: Damn Ugo your fast.

    Also this one springs to mind

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  • NewTTerNewTTer Posts: 463
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    smidsy wrote:
    There are a few topics on here about the issues with Zipp wheels. Suggest you do a search.

    Edit: Damn Ugo your fast.

    Also this one springs to mind


    Yeah I saw that one SMIDSY, I sort of got the feeling the guy damaged that one himself and just didn't want to own up to it, when you see the pics it doesn't look like a manufacturing defect. Thanks anyway all appreciated.

    On the other hand I have read about quite a few hub failures as per Ugo above! But as ever you only get the bad news stories on the net!
  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    It was more the cost of fixing it that would be my concern.
    Yellow is the new Black.
  • And there you go – definitive evidence that Zipp wheels are cack and you’re better off with a pair of hand built Ambrosio rims with Sapim Ray spokes and Record hubs. External brass nipples a must, down shifters optional.

  • smidsy wrote:
    Edit: Damn Ugo your fast.

    Didn't you know, a siren goes off in his workshop when someone posts something wheel related on here.

    Oooh, off it goes again... :D
  • FransJacquesFransJacques Posts: 2,148
    Do a search on them, we've discussed them at length.

    They are fast wheels and helped me to a 36 kph avg for the Pru ride. I'd not have done that on the CL24s. They are so fast down hills it's immense. Speed doesn't top out like with box sections, it continues to climb until I chicken out and brake.

    The rear isn't good for my heft in a tight cornering crit so I don't use it there. But for sportives they shine.

    Corimas are much stiffer, and make Campag's carbon tubular wheels.
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