Specialized Roubaix Elite or Cube Agree GTC SL

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Ive been doing some research and reading reviews on bikes for sub £2000 which is my maximum budget. I like the Specialized Roubaix Elite for the tech built into the frame such as the zertz inserts and the "Cobble Gobbler" under the seat and its ride comfort but the Cube Agree GTC SL comes with Shimano Ultegra kit. I like the look of both bikes and am looking for endurance / sportive rather than agressive racing. Which of the above 2 would you choose or any others i have missed at this price? There are local dealers where i live for both the above brands which is also an advantage for servicing etc.


  • Both are good bikes and you probably can't go wrong with either, if you've got a lbs that sells both the best bet is to try them out, see which fits best and feels right. There's a huge selection of quality bikes to be had for 2k and the 2014 models should be coming out in the next couple of months so if you hold for a while they'll be some bargains to be had. I'd also look at the Trek Madone 4.5 as well, for endurance though you may possibly be better looking at the Domane 4.3 both of which are fitted with 105. If it's Ultegra that what you're after i'd try out the Focus Cayo Evo 4.0.
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    I was in a similar situation in June and looked at the Cube GTC SL, GTC SLT and the Focus Cayo Evo 4. I sat on them on a turbo trainer due to the weather but straight away hated the feel of the Cube's small drop bars which I think are Easton's. The SLT comes with Syntace finishing kit but was £2,100 but for the extra money I couldn't warrant it over the Focus. I ended up trying the Focus and fell in love. I came from a Specialized Secteur Comp which they stopped after 2012 to push the Roubaix line instead and that was a more upright rider where the Cayo is definitely more aggressive but not enough to be uncomfortable. I'd actually say I'm now more comfortable riding the Cayo than I was with the Secteur.

    One other thing about the Cube is that the finishing kit is quite budget being EA30 and the brakes are non-group Shimano which is why I considered the SLT instead which is full Ultegra with Syntace. For looks though the Cube is hard to beat, I love their style. If you have anywhere that stocks Focus check out the Ergoride which is their Roubaix equivalent or if you fancy something a bit more racy then the Cayo is brilliant. I happily use my bike on long distance rides and don't race, it's a brilliant all rounder and actually more forgiving than the Secteur with the zertz inserts, but that was aluminium.
  • Thanks for the reply. I will take a look at the Focus range in a bit more detail.
  • You might find the Agree rather more sharper than the Roubaix - I rode them back to back late last year, and the Cube felt far more alert than the Specialized. I ended up with a Peloton Pro in the end, mainly because I decided to buy on the C2W scheme and it had to be under a grand, but would have gone for an Agree if paying cash. In some ways, the top end Peloton is/was a better buy than the bottom end Agree.

    The only other bike which really caught my interest when looking in the 1k-2k bracket was the various flavours of Moser at Wiggle... but then I tend to buy bikes almost entirely for how they look ;)

    ETA: One thing I will say about the Cube though... if you get one, haggle for a set of replacement tyres. The Schwalbe Ultremos will last about 6 weeks before they start to break up. :evil:
  • what do you think of the trek domane 4.5 which is also within budget. I dont know why im favouring the specialized so much, everyone else seems like meh. the trek domane 4.5 seems well spec'd for just under 2k

    Im so excited about my new bike but im so confused which one to choose. :?: :?:

    thanks for your input
  • That's entirely up to you - to be honest there's knack all practical objective difference between groupsets, wheels, frames, or anything else at that money; £2k gets you a very decent bike indeed. In fact, it's basically impossible to buy a bad bike at that money.

    So change the criteria from 'what's best?' to;

    a) what one looks the best?
    b) what's locally available in my size?
    c) which one can I wangle the best discount on?
    d) which one's colour scheme will necessitate me wearing kit of a colour which doesn't suit me?
    e) Does the pro team feature a bunch of utter cretins, or someone I want to emulate?
    f) what one looks the best?
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    For me it ended up being what felt the best while sat on it which I think should go above anything else. If you didn't like how any of your choices looked you wouldn't have picked them for your selection. Not every bike will feel/fit the same so you may decide on a bike as you think it's the best, then you ride it after buying and it may turn out awful. Get out there on the one's you like and the one that feels the best is the one you need to buy.

    I don't agree however that there is no or little difference between the groupsets as I've owned both 105 and now Ultegra and the latter feels so much slicker and more reassuring, it takes so little effort it makes for a much more enjoyable ride. Also the brakes are brilliant! For me anything with non-group brakes like on the Cube was a no no for me as you'd think for that price they'd use a decent spec. With wheels, nearly all off the shelf bikes will use entry level wheels as this is an area a lot of people upgrade and keeps cost down. I only found the self-build (Ribble/PX etc when specced) and Canyon offer decent wheels in their packages.