Moving from 23c to 25c tyres - pressures?

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Am about to move from 23c to 25c tyres. I know that I will be able to drop the pressures, but by how much? Using some of the online calculators they have the tyres at what seems like very low pressure (less than 60psi) for my weight which I think would be too low. Is there a simpler "drop by 10psi compared to 23c" rule?


  • owenlars
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    I don't think there is any rule, I run both 25 and 23 at 100psi. I don't think it is worth getting too precious over it.

    If you want a definitive view look at Sheldon Brown's web site.
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    +1 on the above - I'm treating 25c tyres exactly as I would 23c - its the same tubes inside of course. Don't know if its 'right' or 'wrong' but it feels fine and I'm rolling well. Personal choice I guess......

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    I have a mix I run my front 23c around 120 psi and my rear 25c 100ish, seems a real good compromise between comfort and speed.
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