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I am building a 1920ish TDF replica/ imitation bike. I am not looking for antique or vintage components and am happy to use new or nos.The idea is build a bike in the style of, rather than an exact replica.
I have collected the rims from Ghisallo but cannot source suitable hubs. I am looking for 32h small flanged, fixed, double ended threaded hubs. I can find large flange double ended or small flange single ended but not quite what I am looking for. Any suggestions gratefully received.
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    First of all congratulation for the project... it's been a few years since I first thought of building some Ghisallo rims and I have not yet managed to do so...!
    If I understand correctly you are after a 120 mm rear hub with fixed fixed to fit two sprockets, so that you can turn the wheel as they did back in the days, before derailleurs were introduced.. correct?
    One way is to look at Ebay or to contact Campyoldy/HilaryStone/defietsmaker and see if they have anything NOS. otherwise Brick Lane Bikes make some small flange Fixed/Fixed hubs which are rather nice quality, called King, I have used them once to build a set for iPete on this very forum. They are nice and I believe they come in polished silver too.

    Also, if you write a small piece about the build with a couple of photos, I'd love to stick it on my blog, as I don't seem to find the chance to do it myself

    Exciting project! :D
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    Thanks for the reply. Yes you understand correctly, a pre derailleur flip the wheel to change ratio hub, without being a large flange track hub.
    The Brick Lane King is exactly the thing I had in mind but couldn't find. Cheers.
    No matter that its marketed as a BMX hub. The idea is to replicate the riding experience rather than the exact look. I have silly notions of attempting the Ridgeway on it or maybe even the old route of the Galibier, the goat track on the south side, for the full flavour.
    Yes. I would love to photo diary it and drop you some instalments. I'll be in touch. Thanks again.
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    I can't help, but this project sounds amazing! I'd like to follow whichever blog this ends up on, so feel free to drop the links as you go along!