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Hi, wondered if anyone could give me a little advice on how big or small Canyon Ultimate frames come out. All my previous roadbikes have had a medium frame, either a size 54 or 55 but I've heard that Canyon frames are quite small compared to other brands in which case, should I go for a size 56? I am 5' 10" and have a 31" inside leg. Thanks for any advice.


  • 54 or 55 seat tube top tube? Look at the geometry chart and all will be revealed.
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    Make sure you measure your inseam accurately and see what the Canyon fit chart comes up with.Your inseam is unlikely to be exactly 31"

    This fit chart gives you more accurate frame dimensions. You need someone to help with the measuring. ... ATOR_INTRO
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    I'm roughly your size and you'll find that you could be stuck between sizes, I usually go by Top Tube size but a lot of the new frames seem to have a long TT. A while back I went for a Focus Izalco size small instead of the medium because a it had a 53.7 TT which usually would be perfect, but this led to a small head tube and a more aggressive riding position, it wasn't an issue for me but it could lead to discomfort in some.
    I've recently spent weeks going back and forth over frame size and in the end I ditched my plan to spent X on a frame because I seemed to end up stuck between a small and medium.
  • Hi, thanks to all for the replies. Might go into a friendly bike shop and try a few 56s to see how they feel generally. Mike
  • I am the same size as you; I bought the Ultimate AL in small and it fits me perfectly.
  • I thought Canyons came up a little bigger.
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    FWIW I have the new CF SLX and Medium is spot on for me at 5' 11'', geometry is slightly different from the CF I think though. Can't remember my inseam exactly but make sure your not going by the inseam length you take in clothes, measure it properly, i.e. pull a book or spirit level up against your crotch to simulate the pressure you'd feel from the saddle when seated on the bike and measure from there.
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    I thought Canyons came up a little bigger.

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    I got a Ultimate Al earlier this year and was a little concerned that the online fitting guide recommended an XS (I'm 167cm with inside leg of 75cm). When I checked the geometry charts it appeared significantly smaller than the bike I was riding, the S however was pretty much the same.

    I called UK Canyon service centre who confirmed I was between sizes and that their calculator is set up to give an aggressive ride position, after giving him my details and explaining the bike was not for racing, but more mid to long distance, he recommended moving up to the size S.
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  • Hi, I've had my Canyon Ultimate cf for over a year now and im still loving every ride. Like you I wasn't sure of the sizing as all my other road bike's I've owned always came up as a 54 to 56. When I put my measurements into the calculator it kept telling me I needed a small frame. This just didn't sit right with me so opted for the medium frame. Like you im 5ft 11" with a 31" inside leg. The bike is perfect size wise with plenty of saddle adjustment either way. A friend of mine ordered the same bike but decided to go for the frame size that was recommended but to me the bike is way to small and compact for him.
    Trust me, your ordering a fantastic bike that you'll be very happy with.
    Hope this helps :D
  • Thanks again for the brilliant advice.