1st purchase of a road bike - please help!! :(

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Hi all,

Sorry that my first post is going to be a bit of a big ask but I really dont want to make a mistake when buying my first roadbike.

Ive been cycling to work for about 3 years on my trusty old claud butler hybrid urban 200 and its about time I got myself a new bike, Ive also been going out for 15mile rides to try and keep up my fitness as running hurts my knees too much and I love getting out and discovering new places on my bike and when my ride is finished the feeling I get is one of pure satisfaction!

So that brings me to the which bike should I get, there is a number I have been looking at and they probably all have pro's and con's but if you peeps could help me out then that would be great.

Ill list them here:-

http://www.wiggle.co.uk/moser-bikes-spe ... 3/?pr=2053 £488
So its got a sora groupset 2013, fulcrum 7 wheels, ally frame and carbon forks - this looked like a great deal and was the one I was going for but then I started looking more seriously at my budget and though if Im gonna do it then why not spend that little bit more :)

http://www.wiggle.co.uk/moser-bikes-111-105-2013/ £951
So this is a full carbon with the 105 groupset and fulcrum 7 wheels. Looked like a good deal.

http://www.wiggle.co.uk/battaglin-pro-team-105-2013/ £979
Then I saw this, again its full carbon but has better (?) fulcrum 5 wheels, for the extra £20 I thought it may be a better deal.

http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/CBP ... _road_bike £999
Then this popped up! Same price but with an Ultegra groupset, though I didnt know about the wheels.

http://www.wiggle.co.uk/moser-bikes-111-ultegra-2013/ £1155
Last but not least this one, which has the ultegra groupset but fulcrum 7 wheels instead.

If im going to be more than happy with the mosa sora at half the price of the other and never want for another bike for a good few years then thats great, but what I dont want to do if always think that I should have gone for that bit extra. So a few questions... Will a full carbon really make the differnce, how different is sora, 105 ans ultegra, should I go for better wheels and a 105 rather than the standard unknown wheels and a better groupset.

Im sorry but really dont want to make a mistake!




  • Not sure you can actually make a mistake in what you have listed, all of the above have been discussed at length on here. Use the search, go through the older discussions and come to a conclusion. Personally i'd look out for a Cannondale Caad10 or similar that may be in the sales.
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    echo what sloppy says. you can't make a decision based on the internet. have a budget in mind, go to some shops, talk to people about what you want.sit on and maybe test ride some bikes. you can then make a more informed decision for a grand the planet x is a good buy with ultegra kit but so would be a good alumni frame at that price. over 1500 i would be looking at a carbon frame but that can come later. i happen to have a m/l giant defy 0 for sale if that interests you?
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    Agree with all previous comments.
    However regarding trying one out for size, most local bike shops, will let you have a ride around the block.
    If you go to your nearest TREK shop.,they do ACROSS THE RANGE DEMONSTRATION BIKES
    For a small deposit ,you are able to borrow the bike for A COUPLE OF DAYS WITH NO OBLIGATION TO BUY ,and your deposit is returned.
    I ended up borrowing / and purchasing a TREK DOMANE 6.2 on this scheme.
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    Thanks for the comments peeps! I will pop in to our local cycle shop tomorrow, did try today but they were closed :(

    The planetx is a carbon frame with ulterga for 999 that's why I thought it looked like a good deal. Will I notice difference between a good alloy and carbon frame?
  • nath812 wrote:
    Will I notice difference between a good alloy and carbon frame?

    Probably only after you've got a couple of thousand miles under your belt.

    The planet-x looks pretty good value. Make sure you get the right size, don't order and hope.
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    Look out for good deals at your local bike shop. I bought a bike last week and my lbs were slashing more than 10% off prices before I even started negotiating, because the 2014 models will be available soon. This made them cheaper for Giant and Merida than anything I could find online!
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    Thanks again peeps, I am going to a few bike shops today to have a look/play and I will post back my results! So could it be worth me waiting for the 2014 models to come out and possibly grab an even better deal!?!? When do they start to enter the market?
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    nath812 wrote:
    Thanks again peeps, I am going to a few bike shops today to have a look/play and I will post back my results! So could it be worth me waiting for the 2014 models to come out and possibly grab an even better deal!?!? When do they start to enter the market?

    Doubt very much if you will get any serious discounts on 2014 models. You quite often find also that the "new" models have been modified in some way that they turn out to be less well specced than the models they are replacing.

    My suggestion would be to look out for a discounted 2013 model - it is likely that you will get an even better specification for your budget as the bike shops/ online retailers try to shift their old stock.

    Unless you are desperate to but right now, I would be patient and keep looking for a few weeks yet.
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    Thanks everyone. I went round some shops yesterday but I'm on holiday and both shops suggested I went to my local rather than buying, which was nice as they obviously want local shops to get the money and also good for me as I get better backup. Unfortunately both shops didnt want to help me any further so I was left just looking at bikes which I thought was a bit poor. Anyway I shall keep trawling the net while I'm away and as soon as I get back I'm going into my lbs.
  • I'm always baffled by the whole LBS mentality - it matters not where you buy the bike from, a decent LBS will be happy to help/fettle/fix/support whatever. Indeed, I've yet to have a bike where I've needed any of this in the first couple of years of ownership. I specifically bought my Trek from an LBS, and never needed to go there again.

    Are you specifically after a Moser? In the £700 - £1200 range I'd recommend a look at the upper end of the Cube Peloton range, or the entry Agree if you want full carbon. They seem to offer better spec for the money than a lot of the competition - mainly being Ultegra groupset at the £1000 mark - and certainly more consistent that the Mosers - which seem to be parts-bin specials at Wiggle.

    There's quite a few Cube dealers around, far more than Moser, and usually a good selection of discounts or haggling to choose from. I got my Peloton Pro online through the C2W scheme, and it's ace. I was intending on an Agree GTC, but the tax-free bit of C2W persuaded me to go down a step on the ladder.
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    Yo peeps!

    Well after a long trip back from holiday I went to my LBS this morning and went for a Giant Defy 1 - its a new 2014 model as they had no M/L 2013 for me to haggle with. Very nice bloke sorted me with £150 worth of pedals, shoes and helmets free (105 pedals, specialized shoes and helmet). Im so glad I bought from the local shop, he spent well over an hour just on the adjusting of the various bits on the bike ensuring it was suited perfectly for me and thats something I just would not have got buying online. The bike itself??? Well it looks cool in blue and Ive had a small go today as I cant leave the house as I have a few youngins around and the missus is at work, but the difference from the ol' trusty hybrid is very noticeable uphill :) I'll post back in a few weeks after I have some rides but it all looks promising :)

    Ta all