Why would someone do that?

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Out for a spin with a mate of mine tonight, nice and gentle, sun shining, 20 miles in and all is well in the world, then, boom, it all turns sour!!

Dragging our asses up a small and shallow climb, in single file so as not upset anyone on the empty Somerset country road we were on, and some throbber and his mate come past us in their "van" and proceed to launch a coin which hits my mate. Luckily it only hit him in the arm, but it's still enough to upset him a bit, so tells the blokes that they clearly masturbate too much.

Hoping that would be the end of it, I reach the plateau of the hill, and see in the distance the van stopped at a bend in the road. Okay, starting to feel a bit concerned now, but also think it'd be a good chance to get the reg number of the van, so I carry on towards them. I get about 75 yards from the van and notice the passenger getting out of the van, but also realise I'm close enough to read the reg. So, I stop in the road, with my mobile in my hand ready to type the reg in, and next thing I know, I look back up at the bloke and he's pointing some kind of catapult at me.

Then, I see a lump of stone hurtling towards me, which, luckily, misses me, but worse, smacks off my bike at the back end somewhere!! :evil:

After the w#@ker hurls some more verbal abuse at me he gets back in the van and drives off, by this point my mate's caught up to me and missed all of this part, 'cos he's old, and slow!! :lol:

Obviously I'm a bit shaken up by this point but managed to remember the reg no, so we decide to head back to my mates house to phone the police and report it. We were only about 2 miles from his house at this point. As we go to set off again, I realise the stones hit my rear mech and smashed the jockey wheel on the three week old derailleur I've just fitted, gutted!! :cry:

We've reported it to the police and, as it turns out, they are well known to them, so they seem almost pleased to be taking our statements, and even more so when we said we wanted to prosecute!!!

It staggers me sometimes just what kind of scumbags there are amongst us, and can't understand the mentality of some of these "people". Lets just hope that karma comes round at some point and bites them in the ass!!!!!
Hopefully, they'll start bragging to their mates on twitter about it!!!

End of rant! I feel better now!!

Thanks for listening............. 8)

Edited to remove one or two derogatory terms used, but certainly not racist ones!! Apologies if any offence caused!!
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    Do not confront them, they will call up their mates and outnumber you, be warned they are quite hard especially in numbers.
  • gozzy
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    There are a lot of dickheads about same as there's a lot of nice people about. It's probably wise you didn't get any closer. Doesn't excuse racism though.
  • mrfpb
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    A lot of people just want to be king of the road and act it out in various ways. You met someone who is particularly aggressive about it, and stupid enough to commit a crime (as opposed to the more "grown up" ones who are satisfied with punishment passes and/or verbal abuse).
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    fucking pikies.
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  • chris_bass
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    Gozzy wrote:
    There are a lot of dickheads about same as there's a lot of nice people about. It's probably wise you didn't get any closer. Doesn't excuse racism though.

    agreed, I see the post has been edited now
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    theres some proper bar stewards about that's for sure, I do hope they get prosecuted, fined and you get your rear mech repaired. Which they vandalised.
  • Herbsman
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    I hope you get a good result. Too many people get away with this kind of sh*t.
  • mallorcajeff
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    Thats just pathetic. Good job you didnt get hit in the eye. You could be tonight in hospital, blind for life, no job, no bike. Thats what these wanker5 dont realise or probably dont care about. Its a sad world we live in. At times bit little suprises me anymore. Hope you get a result but as usual they will get a warning and then the details of where you live.
  • gethinceri
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    Sadly, it's got "Police Caution" written all over it and there's no chance of any financial recompense. Too bad, they are knobbers.
  • Update: Nothing to report!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Spookily enough I've heard absolutely nowt from the police regarding this incident!

    Seems to me someone has to lose an eye or something before they're prepared to do anything!!

    What a waste of time!

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    So now get a bar mounted catapult in case they return....
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    Sorry, I am really bored at work.
  • fatsmoker wrote:
    Sorry, I am really bored at work.

    Excellent! Link to the shop website please!!!!!!!!!!!!

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