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Garmin edge 810

adowling92adowling92 Posts: 225
edited August 2013 in Road buying advice
What are the basic maps like on the Garmin 810? Don't wan to spend extra money on the navigation if I don't need to. Also can you make your own courses on the 810 without the navigation extra?
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  • RDWRDW Posts: 1,900
    I assume the base maps are the same as those on the 800, which are hopeless. However, there are plenty of free options based on OpenStreetMap you can download to an SD card, e.g.:

    I'm using 'British-Isles+Contours-Routable'.

    If your budget is tight and you don't need the new features like smartphone communication, the 800 is currently about £100 cheaper for an equivalent bundle.
  • antflyantfly Posts: 3,276
    The basic maps are useless {on 800 anyway, pretty sure it's the same} but the free ones are good and city navigator is only 30 quid.
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