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Merckx EMX7

londoncommuterlondoncommuter Posts: 1,550
edited August 2013 in Road buying advice
Has anyone got any experience with Merckx EMX7? I'm easily (stupidly) lured in by 50% offers but don't know much about these and actually don't know anyone with a Merckx at all. ... mekit.html

On the plus side, the one review I've seen is gushing:

On the other side their marketing blurb talks about weight not being important and don't list it anywhere, making me suspect it's only slightly lighter than a Volvo.

The "lifetime warranty" is also bizarre in that it only holds if you get it serviced annually at an authorised dealer. No idea what paying a shop £100 to swap your chain does to stop frame defects from developing.

The ISP is a bit of a mixed blessing as well.


  • plumpyplumpy Posts: 124
    If you are satisfied that the frameset is genuinely worth £3800 - ie, it's in "superbike" territory - then surely the justification for spending £1900 on it is the opportunity to build up a superbike at a substantial discount. In other words, if it was me, I would want to have the budget left over to put absolutely top-flight gruppo, wheels and finishing kit on it. To my mind there's no point spending that amount on a frame and building it up with middling components?
  • londoncommuterlondoncommuter Posts: 1,550
    My question was around the frameset rather than components as there doesn't seem to be much out there on these.
  • bobbymeisterbobbymeister Posts: 186
    I've got a 2012 Emx 5, which was a warranty replacement for a 2010 Emx 5, and it's great.
    ISP aside, I don't think there's a huge difference between the 5 and the 7, if any.
    Mine is a completely different animal to the bike it replaced, which was one of the Quickstep 'Pinarello' Merckxs.
    It's very, very stiff around the BB area and feels quite unforgiving compared to its predecessor.
    In a nutshell, it feels fast, like a race bike should.
    Agree re warranty 'passport', that's a recent addition following the change of manufacturer.
    Mines not due for another couple of months, but I'm hoping a visual inspection will be enough to convince our local dealer to stamp the card.
    What I will say is that Merckx's service was excellent; I found a crack in my old frame on Sunday and by the following Saturday I had a new frame, straight from Belgium.
    No car trips, waiting for reps, sending back; all done by photos and email.
    Very impressive.
    If I was looking for a frame now, I'd take a look at Merlin.
  • plumpyplumpy Posts: 124
    londoncommuter, I'm confused by your comment that "there doesn't seem to be much out there on [the components]" - you do realise that Merlin are only selling the frame...? The components will be whatever you subsequently buy.
  • londoncommuterlondoncommuter Posts: 1,550
    I realise it's just the frameset (I've got a SRAM red groupset itching to be attached to something) but I couldn't find any decent reviews of either the frameset or complete bikes based on it.

    Great to know about the good customer service. Thanks.
  • Merlin have knocked off another £200 from these frames. Anyone out there at all that's ridden one (or even seen one)?

    Still suspect they're a little heavy and the warranty is a bit shonky but would love to hear some more valid opinions from someone who know's what they're talking about.
  • russellorussello Posts: 102
    Regarding warranty, i manage to break the RH rear seat stay above the drop out, on an EMX1, just after the 12 months service was due. Lucky really, as i intended to service the bike myself. Bike returned to shop, was sent back to the factory, inspected, and i was given a brand new EMX3. Not too shonky a service, although i would watch out for the 'serviced by authorised dealer' condition....
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