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Leaky headset

hilbertspacehilbertspace Posts: 19
edited July 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi all,

I got my bike back from a service 4 days ago. I must have done about 100k of bumpy XC since then and noticed my headset was making a bit of a noise. It made a noise before so I wasn't too worried, I just thought it would have been fixed in the service.

When locking my bike up after a ride today I noticed that the headset was seeping grease. Is this something to worry about or is it just the excess coming out after the service?

FYI: I have an FSA "The Pig" headset which is ~5 months old.



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    looks more like coppa paste which is not grease. better image of the "grease".

    strip clean re grease. but if it is still making the same noise then it might be new headset time.

    and i would possibly find a better place for the work or learn how to do it your self.
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  • YeehaaMcgeeYeehaaMcgee Posts: 5,740
    Definitely looks like copper paste. But, I also had an old headset do that, and whilst I thought it was copperslip (which was confusing seeing as nobody else had ever serviced my headset, and I certainly hadn't put it there), it turned out it was the bearings which had rusted to liquifaction. Strange, but true.
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