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markiegrimmarkiegrim Posts: 136
edited July 2013 in Road buying advice
Sorry, I know many of you must be sick of answering dumb questions from newbies, but I have done some initial research on what I can get for my budget (max £750) in my area and would like some advice on the following:
1] Specialized v Trek v Cannondale: Will quality be much of a muchness and choice will come down to what feels best? Is any one brand easier/cheaper to service/maintain?
2] I assume components are upgradable on each (should I ever get that obssesive)
3] I will only be road riding (perhaps 60 miles a week), with a plan to get into sportives next year - Will a budget of £750 get me something robust enough to last, say, >10 years? My last bike was a "cheap" Falcon (£180) bought 18 years ago and is still ging fine!
4] Really hope this isn't too stupid a Q, but will pedals come as standard? The bikes dont have pedals in the showrooms, but I guessed that was simply for security. I saw one forum though that mentioned the need to buy pedals as an "extra"!
5] I have a helmet, lock and lights already. What should I budget for bottle/cage, pump and clothes? I guess I only need shoes if I got for cleats instead of pedals?

Thanks in advance! Cant wait to get going!


  • diamonddogdiamonddog Posts: 3,426
    1 IMO of similar quality (ride them all and pick the one you like the look and feel of)
    2 Everything is usually upgradeable.
    3 If £180 did then £750 should (depends how you look after it).
    4 Usually come without pedals.
    5 Yes definitely budget for road pedals (usually come with cleats) and shoes, they are so much better than flats especially if your going to do a few sportives etc. You can buy all the small bits as and when you think you need them.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    You do pay a premium for a big-brand - all the bikes are made in big sheds in Taiwan/China. There are better-price deals out there e.g. Planet-X or Ribble where you'll get more bike for your money.

    Some bikes come provided with cheap toeclip and strap jobs as most buyers swap to a clipless pedal of their choice.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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