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Felt AR5/AR4 or Plant X N2A SRAM Force/Red

themathmanthemathman Posts: 3
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Hi Guys,

Long time lurker and reader of these forums but never really posted until now, love the wealth of information people have on here. I am looking for a road bike as you have probably gathered, and after lots and lots of reading have narrowed it down to the following (until trying them).

My background is a 10k / half marathon runner but always been keen on cycling, want to get involved in TT and duathlons whether it be this year or next year. I want a bike with a semi aggressive riding position, that I can swap in TT bars when required, hence coming down to my choice of two above. I have a budget of up to £2500 for the bike, I like to buy once and not keep changing a bike hence a healthy budget to start with.

One problem is being located in sunny Bournemouth, makes it not easy to get the to Planet X showroom.

Just wanted peoples views on these bikes Felt AR5/AR4 or Plant X N2A SRAM Force/Red and is the slightly higher spec versions justify the extra £500?

Thank you in advance.


  • Also I have been searching for the weight of these bikes, if anyone knows them would be greatful.
  • Both horribly overpriced. Use the search and see what others are spending £2500 on.
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  • springtide9springtide9 Posts: 1,731
    themathman wrote:
    Also I have been searching for the weight of these bikes, if anyone knows them would be greatful.

    The N2a frame is roughly 1250g. So it's no superlight frame, but is very stiff (but rides really well). Only had mine about 2 weeks and love it. Fantastic frame, but there again I haven't ridden the Felt (had the Pro Carbon SL before)

    The frame is 250g heaver than their Pro Carbon, but realistically that's just 1/3 of a bottle of water.. It's massively noticeable that the extra weight has been put into making the frame stiffer.

    To compare, most of the Italian (and higher end) frames are also not super light. Not sure of the weight of the Felt, but would guess it's probably similar.
    With most bikes, the frame weigh varies between a 1kg superlight, and a 1.25kg stiff race frame. The rest of the weight is in the groupset, wheels and finishing kit.
    So in reality, it's not the frame weight that makes up the majority of the weight. And it depends on what you are riding, for what's the best option. i.e. you may choose a pair of large profile aero tub wheels, which maybe heavier than a pair of sprinting wheels (and harsher on the roads), but will be perfect for TT's (if it's not windy)

    Not sure the above helps, but it boils down to that there are always compromises.
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