frame up grade? ?

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Hi all. I brought a second hand rb of a mate cheap to see if I liked it... I do
The frame is to big for me he is 6, 4 im 5, 8
Ths bike has new wheels ans is fitted with sora gears etc.

I want a new bike... One to fit me do I look for a new bike sell mine buy new or look for a frame and swap the kit over...

Has any of u you done this??


  • Grill
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    Buy a new bike. Sora isn't worth the hassle and chances are you'll get peanuts for just the frameset.
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    Keep in mind that unless you know what you are doing you'll be paying your bike shop about £50-£100 to swap the frame over. Problem is that frames (especially at Sora type level) are not easy to come by. As most manufacturers don't sell frame only unless it's for high end models.
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    E-bay the old bikes & bits and buy another bike that fits. Other options 'may' actually cost more & certainly won't save you much.
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  • Thanks all points taken on board!!