Need help with new gears and cranks

philburton Posts: 5
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I've got a 2010 specialized Allez, the whole drive system is pretty worn now and needs replacing. It's currently 8 speed with 50 and 34 on the front.

I want to upgrade the cranks as well while its all off, either 105 or ultegra. I know I'll need a new bottom bracket to match. My question is all the crank and chain wheel sets I have been looking at are mainly 10 speed, as mine is eight will this matter?



  • Hi, as long as you are replacing all the parts such as front and rear mech and also the hoods/levers and chain, it'll work perfectly. If you didn't change the gear levers from 8 speed then it wouldn't work properly.

  • Also, if you are changing everything over to 10 speed you need to make sure your rear wheel excepts a ten speed cassette.