Fulcum Racing 7 freehub change

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Just signed on the line for a new Cinelli Saetta Sprint from Wiggle, comes with Miche wheels. Obviously a Campag fit as it has Veloce gears, so my question is: what do I do about my current (Shimano freehub) Fulcrum 7s? Pretty pleased with them, so:
- Are the Cinelli's Miche Race 707s comparable?
- Can I swap my Shimano freehub on the Fulcrums with a Campagnolo one? If so, how much ££££s?

Sorry if this has been done to death!

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  • Wooliferkins
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    Yes you can. The racing 5/7 freehubs are about £70 Hub maintenance video here
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    Should be able to get them for about £50 I'd have thought.
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  • secretsam
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    Am wondering whether I'd be better off just selling the old wheels and buying some new ones

    Just had an e-flyer from Wiggle about R7 wheels - new version (2014) is now down to <1800g weight so it's a bit of a bargain at £125!

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