Boardman CX Pro or Jamis Nova Pro

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Hey Guys

I'm about to buy my first big lad's bike, and have settled on a Cyclo as I've done some touring before (on a KHS racing MTB) and would like to throw a rack on it, but would also like to get into road bikes.. so i figure an aluminium frame cyclo would tick both boxes, right?

I've done a bit of research and it comes down to the Boardman, at just over 1000 British pounds (Wiggle)... or a Jamis Nova Pro, down to 1665 (at Evans).

The sizing of the Jamis may be better (i'm 170-171 and that fits 168 - 174, while the in stock Boardman is 163-170), and the Jamis also has Di2 technology.. which is a whole new world for me.. but there are few reviews around of the Jamis, while people love that Boardman bike (and it does look better!)

I'll mostly use it for road, with touring and some off-road tracks at times.

Any help for me please? Other bike options also appreciated if you prefer them..

Many thanks