Comfortable saddle

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I recently tried all Specialized saddles as they allow you to keep swapping until you find one you like. I never found any of them comfortable enough but am left with the Romin Expert.

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of a comfortable road saddle that has the gap in the middle?



  • Rod11
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    I use a Bontrager Paradigm and it's the most comfortable saddle I've tried - I also tried some Specalized saddles and didn't get along too well with them. But it is very personal.
  • arlowood
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    Any advice you get will be purely subjective since you're a**se is unique.

    However in the spirit of the forum let me throw my comments into the mix.

    I have used Charge Spoon saddle for a few years and found them to be OK for most rides. However on long sportives I have experienced numbness of the undercarriage which took an hour or so to dissipate. The Spoon has no central groove or channel so I have recently swapped to a Fizik Aliante Versus which does have the benefit of a channel to protect the perennial area. ... ium-rails/

    So far so good but as yet i have not tried anything more than a 2 hour ride.

    Fizik do a range of these "Versus" styled saddles - they might be worth considering