Chainset upgrade advice please

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My winter bike has an old Stronglight Asphalt chainset (triple) that is way past its best and I'd like to renew or upgrade if possible. Some similar threads have pointed me in he direction of Spa Cycles and they have a range of touring chainsets that would fit straight onto the existing square taper BB, but I could also buy a Tiagra triple hollow tech II with compatible BB from CRC or Wiggle for a similar price.

Would the Tiagra chainset be compatible with the Campag cassette (the rest of the group set is 9spd Campag)? Is it a simple swap over from the square taper BB to the external Shimano?

If the Tiagra option is a goer, is it worth changing to Hollowtech II or should I stick with square taper?

A veloce chainset is twice the price, which is the only reason I'm not considering a Campag chainset at the moment.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.


  • Monty Dog
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    Firstly, chainsets are pretty well drivetrain agnostic - doesn't really matter what gears you fit as long as the chainring is the right width for the chain.

    If you want reliability, stick with square taper otherwise you're lucky to get a year out most external bearing BBs IME if you ride all year. Fitted a Stronglight triple to a friend's bike recently for a JOGLE ride - it was cheaper from Ribble than Spa.
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    Keep your stronglight, it is better for the reasons Monty mentioned
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    Thanks Monty and Ugo, I'll stick with the square taper and take a look at the Ribble website.