Giro Factor? How well do they bed in?

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So I bought some new Giro Factors since they're reduced at Evans - but after a few short rides, its clear that the volume is marginally too small. Not causing too much trouble on my left foot, but giving me a bit of pain on the outside of my right foot unfortunately.

Now this shouldn't be a problem if they are going to bed in and adjust to my feet -> but I'm concerned that maybe the tough Teijin upper won't budge so easily?

Can anyone with experience of the factors shed some light on the issue?


  • smidsy
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    Great shoes. Mine fit fine in the first place so can not advise on your predicament. Presumably you have tried various adjustments of the straps?

    If they do not give and you have 44's I would be interested in buying them.
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  • Monty Dog
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    Modern bike shoe uppers aren't really designed to stretch but you can get wooden shoe-stretchers for a tenner that might provide a bit of 'give' and less painful on the feet.
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