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I have Shimano on all my bikes. For my current new build a VN Ti Yukon (if indeed Fatbirds ever get around to sending it to me, they took my money and still waiting !), I thought would be good to have something different groupset wise.
So, either Red or Force.
Do Sram have a deep drop caliper for mudguards or can I use shimano ones ?
Do Sram have a band on front mech as the TI requires one, could I use a shimano ?

How well do the SRAM chain and cassettes run, I like the ratio choice though, can I use shimano cassette/chain ?

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    I don't believe (someone correct me if I'm wrong) that SRAM don't have long reach calipers. Shimano ones work fine though. I use Shimano R650 calipers with Rival levers.

    You can get a SRAM band on front derailleur - I have one on my bike. Shimano FDs also work with SRAM levers.

    Use any Shimano compatible (that's SRAM/Shimano) cassette and chain. I use a 105 cassette on my bike with a KMC chain.
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