Storing bikes

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I am moving and have to store one of my road bikes for 3 years and I am taking the other one plus various mountain bikes with me but they will be in transit for 5-6 weeks or so. Please could all of you kind people out there in bikeland give me some pointers as to how to effectively store and ship my bikes?




  • schweiz
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    For shipping, get down to your LBS and ask if you can have some old bike boxes.

    Then pedals off, rotate handlebars, unscrew derailleur, wrap it in bubble wrap and tape it to the inside of the seat stay. If you're really worried you can wrap the tubes in bubble wrap or foam pipe lagging.

    When I moved to Switzerland I did just that apart from the fact that I made my own bike boxes by chopping and rebuilding the boxes from the removal firm.
  • gethinceri
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    If your road bike is any good you can ship it to my bike cosseting service which will ensure that it gets ridden 2-3 times a week thus keeping everything in working order. I do not charge a fee but you may need to buy new components as a result of my "servicing" regimen.