Shoe Stretching

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Just bought myself some new road shoes, had them for 3 weeks now, but unfortunately the left shoe is rubbing my heel, everytime I go out cycling I need to wear a plaster to stop the shoe rubbing really bad, someone suggested that I take the shoe to a cobblers and have the shoe stretched - Is this a good idea? Has anyone ever had a shoe stretched?
I'm just concerned as the shoes cost me over £200.


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    Just don't go to any cobbler, I'd look for one that is in business for ages. And if he says, that he can do it, he probably can.

    But, for how long have you had these shoes on? Shoes can also be stretched by wearing, and they usually do, if the material allows it. I often have trouble with my knuckles (ankles, what's the usual word for it?), when buying new leather shoes (the likes you wear with a business suit), gone after two weeks of wearing them all day in the office, bruises are gone two weeks later.
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    It's a bit unlikely that will work - bike shoes tend to be synthetic leather which is designed not to stretch.

    If the heel is leather then it would be possible though.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
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    you don't need to take it to a cobblers, just get a shoe tree, usually does the trick ... 6ahuddlk_b
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    If you stretch it won't it make it looser meaning more rubbing?

    Your shoe shouldn't be moving on your heel so it may be too large or not fastened tight enough, or just not a good shape for you. Maybe try some thicker socks and see if that helps?
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    try heal grips like girls wear in their going out shoes.
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    If they are not scratched, take them back to the shop and give me a sob story that they were bought as a present and after only wearing them three times they are slightly to small and could replace them for another size.

    Of course they may just tell you to go away, but worth a try. I would with a £200 pair of shoes.
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    ...bite the bullet and sell them on on ebay while they're still "new-ish".