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Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a summer jersey. I've tried a castelli and a dhb and just cant seem to get the right fit.

I'm not "fat" but im fairly muscular. Big chest and arms from teen years spent in the gym :roll:

Jerseys I've tried are either super tight almost skinsuit even if i go a size up.

Anyone got a recommendation for something with a more relaxed fit (though obviously not baggy and flapping about in the wind) ?



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    Rapha super light. Expensive but great
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    Have a look at

    I'm not a 'typical' cyclist shape. I'm a shade under 6' and weigh 80 kg but my problem is that I have very broad shoulders but the National Pride and Corsa and Strada jerseys fit me great. The original test team jersey was a little tight but the next batch has been relaxed a bit following customer feedback. I've not tried the new one yet but I'm guessing it will be fine.

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    I should probably add that they have a 60 day satisfaction guarantee so if you feel that the shape is not for you once you've ridden in it then you can send it back even though it's been worn. All they want to hear is your genuine reason and your feedback (see above where they have changed the shape of one of the jerseys based on customer feedback!)
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    I can recommend the Gore xenon, it's a soft, stretchy material, I had to size down and it doesn't feel tight but there's no flapping. It is quite long too.
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    Gore make great kit, as do Sportful, and also try uk brand Torm.. Have all of 'em and they are all good IMO.
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    my current favourite summer jersey is a Castelli Velocissimo team, and was convinced it didn't fit properly until I tried it on the bike. In a riding position it is just great, and wicks sweat like a demon (and I sweat like a demon so that's useful). The sleeves are stitched to the front, so it just doest feel right just standing around, and I reckon it looks good too. That said my other favourite is a Mavic Sprint jersey, which is just a little less fitted, but still close enough to work well in wicking moisture away from the skin. CRC have a few left reduced to under 40 quid. TBH I have loads of Mavic kit and really rate it... ... elID=78956
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    ^^ Thanks for recommendations.

    Re: Castelli Velocissimo, this one I have just had to return. Despite being Medium in shirts and Tshirts, a large was too small and id probably have to go XXL to get a decent fit. I have about a 33 inch waist but a 43 inch chest!

    Rapha and Cervorosso I probably cant justify. Pretty though they are, they're 1/7th the cost of my bike :P

    Gore stuff looks great, as does the sportful and Mavic. Most interesting I think though is the Torm. Not heard of them before and their styling is right up my street. Gonna give them a look.

    Thanks again.
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    Gore and Groundeffect have a more relaxed fit around the shoulders.
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    Mavic pride themselves on removing inches from the chest and are very short, so are probably best avoided.

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    I am 55kgs and have many Mavic jerseys :D
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    Adidas jerseys are always oversized for me might be worth while searching for some and are very robust. And they are not too expensive for what you get.