Campag 9sp shifters to Shimano 9 speed mech

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Looking at running Campag 9sp shifters on a bike which currently has Shimano 9spd mech and 9sp cassette. I've been through all the other threads, and also googled it - and it seems to be possible.

Two options appear to be either a shiftmate - which seem to be expensive (£35??) - or re-routing the gear cable into the mech as per some of the pics I've uncovered on google.

Is anyone running this setup using the re-routed cable method - and does it work ok? Any other alternatives?

Thanks in advance.


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    Yes, I have been running Veloce ergo levers with a Shimano LX rear mech for about 10 yrs now.Works fine with the cable re-routed through the rear mech clamp. Interestingly, within the last week I have replaced the LX mech wih an SLX. Different design to the old LX but the trick of re-routing the cable through the clamp still works fine.