Longer chain ?

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I have a shimano 10 speed chain on my bike which originally had a 53/39 chainset and 11/25 cassette.

I changed these too 50/34 compact and 11/28 cassette and the rear DERAILLEUR looks stretched, not hanging like it used too, especially when in high gears.

Should I change the chain for a longer one ? if so, any ideas on the best option? ?
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  • daviesee
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    If anything you should need a shorter chain.

    More electronic than mechanical tech? :lol:
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  • VTech
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    daviesee wrote:
    If anything you should need a shorter chain.

    More electronic than mechanical tech? :lol:

    The rear mech is almost flat though, so shorter would mean its hardly working.

    It looks like this;

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  • wakou
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    Is that picture with the chain on the big ring front? If so, that is fine as you are, (you should avoid riding in that combo anyway) as long as the rear derailleur cage is not straight you should be OK.
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  • VTech
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    This isnt mine, it just looks similar, ill take a pic of mine when im back home later and post it up.
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  • rolf_f
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    You need a pic of the bike both in big - big and small - small.

    Daviesee is right. Your previous big - big was 53-25; a difference of 28 teeth. Now your big - big is 50-28; a difference of 27 teeth. Your rear mech should be marginally less stretched now than it was before.
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  • sungod
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    to get the chain length correct, follow the manufacturer's instructions for the specific model of rear mech

    you'll find shimano's here...

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  • jordan_217
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    Split the chain. Ensuring its not fed through the rear mech, put the chain on the big ring at both front and rear, pull the chain as taut as possible. Make a note of where each end of the chain meets then ADD an additional length of two links to this. This should give you the correct chain length. Remove any excess links (which you should have), thread through the rear mech and reconnect the chain. Usung a powerlink may be helpful here.
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