No feeling in toe & foot!!!

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Not been cycling long, got some specialized shoes, clip in. I'm a size 8 & these are size 8. My feet ok to start with but it feels like my right foot & sometimes the left is going to sleep, should this happen? Or do my feet have to get accustomed to the feel if the ride, sometimes I unclip during the ride but this feels awkward as its not the foot I usually unclip. At the end if the ride 1 or 2 of my toes feel dead & have no feeling.

Is it a simple thing that I need wider shoes (I've got wide feet), shoes felt lovely in the shop.

Any help appreciated.


  • Wirral_paul
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    Your feet can swell with excercise - try backing the straps off for starters
  • Initialised
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    I used to get this if I tied my shoes to tight.
    I used to just ride my bike to work but now I find myself going out looking for bigger and bigger hills.
  • chrisaonabike
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    I keep my shoes pretty loose, wiggle my toes around quite a bit, and I still get a bit of numbess in my left big toe, even when it's warm. In the cold, even with overshoes, it's a lot worse - both feet, more toes, more numbness.

    Haven't figured it out yet.
    Is the gorilla tired yet?
  • flipp
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    had similar problems in my left foot when I changed to clips after numerous ajustments to cleats that didn't seem to make any differance I lowered the seat approx. 5mm which seems to have cured the problem