This site-cheap and nasty or ok?

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Was looking for some new kit and stumbled across this site:
Just wondered if anyone new why they were so cheap. Got to be Chinese haven't they?
Sorry for the stupid post


  • smoggysteve
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    From a 620 sq ft office in Hong Kong in 2005, we have grown steadily and have to date established operations in Europe, China and Singapore.

    From the ABOUT tab on their site.
  • Oops. I had a look but I'm on my phone and its hard to see and it was late.
    Sorry just an idiot but thanks.
  • napoleond
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    Going to go out on a limb here and suggest they're fake goods...
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  • Sprool
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    surely you mean Replicas? ;) Looks like the websites been taken off air now.
  • navrig
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    No returns address or UK address given.