wheel upgrade?

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Thinking about changing my Mavic Aksiums for either Mavic Kysrium Elite's or Fulcrum Racing 3's. Anyone with some sound experience/advice, I'd love to hear your views. From what I understand wheel upgrades are one of the most beneficial things to do.

I have a Cube Agree GTC Pro 2013 if you're interested and love it!


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    On my last two bikes the wheels have been the first things I have upgraded. On my current bike I changed the original wheels (Shimano R500s) to Kysrium Elites and would highly recommend it. The difference was noticeable from the first ride, the acceleration was sooooo much better. Be prepared, if you do opt for the Kysriums, is that they are stiff wheels so you do feel the lumps and bumps in the road a little more but IMO it is worth the trade off for the benefits in performance.
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    Don't bother unless the money is burning a hole in your pocket and it will otherwise go to the taxman, or your aksiums are knackered. Get some good tyres for nice days like Veloflex master or Vittoria open Corsa cx and some latex tubes, that will make a more noticeable improvement.

    (I have owned Aksiums and Ksyrium Elites, the elites are excellent but just not worth the upgrade)
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