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Any Good for a beginner?

neilsmithsonneilsmithson Posts: 18
edited July 2013 in Road buying advice
Hi all,

looking at getting a road bike to go with my MTB bike

found this on ebay, cant find anything on it online so dont know if its any good etc

If it goes cheap and is any good i might consider it.

Anyone know anything about these or know if they are any good?



  • If it goes cheap and is any good i might consider it.

    How much are you 'expecting' it to go for?
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  • fatdazfatdaz Posts: 348
    It's a steal for £31 :-)

    How fit are you? I ask because the "easiest" gear is 39-23 and if you are used to mountain bike gearing this could come as a bit of a shock
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    If it goes cheap I'll be owning it lol.

    It's not your bike that you are sneakily promoting is it? 8)
  • Thanks for all the responses.

    TBH i have no clue what it is worth so what would be an expected price 2nd hand for something like this to go for?

    Fitness, now there is a question lol. Well i ride between 10-12 miles every morning on my MTB, its a Specialized 24 speed Hardrock 2013, rarely go lower down the gears than gear 21 unless climbing the steep hill home. I do the 12 mile ride on off road tires in about 40mins and am generally not that out of breath or knackered etc when i arrive at work. i do need to loose some weight etc on the gut so that was the purpose of the cycling again.

    I would love a specialized Allez Compact but at the moment funds are not where they need to be for this, unless my office finally gets round to arranging the cycle to work scheme that is

  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    Looks good as long as it fits.
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  • Judging by the bidding activity i think it is likely to go out of my price range here.
    Looking at some other bikes around the £500 mark i have found 2 possibles
    Claud Butler Echelon or Felt z100

    Anybody know much about these and if they are any good.

    Both 16speed Carbon Forks Aluminium Frame etc
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