Cleats and Bolts and Bolts and Cleats

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3 bolts fell out of my cleats/shoes yesterday. One bolt when in the house (with shoe on) prior to the ride. When I put the bolt back in and tightened it up I checked the other 3 also.

60 odd miles later…………….

Stopped to get a drink of water (bottles empty) and replenish bottles and ………………… 2 more bolts (1 out of each shoe) fell out.

What’s all that about? Is it common?

Shimano shoes – Look pedals /cleats. Shoe -> cleat -> washer -> bolt

Oh, and 2 bolts per cleat as supplied (not three as you would expect given three holes)


  • Palmer82
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    Thread lock is the answer. I had the same issues and on one occasion it even stopped me un-clipping. While I ride mountain bikes and use Shimano shoes and pedals I don't see why there would be any difference.
  • BobbyTrigger
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    never used threadlock before - when the time comes to swap the cleats over will the bolts undo?

    Unclip with loose cleats? - this caused my first ever 'off' at a roundabout on Sunday during the ride (near the end). Shoe just wouldnt unclip - the shame! :D
  • frisbee
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    Look style cleats should be fitted with 3 bolts, if you just use 2 you'll be putting all sorts of weird forces on the cleat which will probably cause it to loosen.
  • Palmer82
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    never used threadlock before - when the time comes to swap the cleats over will the bolts undo?

    Should be fine as long as you use something like loctite 242 that is designed for bolts that you want to undo again. You can get stronger that is designed to never be loosened
  • ktuludays
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    as palmer82 stated loctite 222, 242 should be ok. the higher the number the permanent the fixture is intended to be.

    When i was in the RAF we used to use 242 a lot and that would be sufficient for 2 years of service and still be relatively easily undone when service work was carried out.

    Why not making checking the bolts part of your weekly or even pre-ride checks. i check mine weekly and find that they just need nipping up slightly