What wheelset? Shimano, 700c, racing wheels...

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The wheelset I need:
*can stand up to going up and down kerbs
*while carrying a 17.5 stone man
*is narrow for speed, 700 x 19 would be ideal
*is NOT a tubeless rim
*shimano compatible

Can you help me out?


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    Check out Notorious rims, they are used by those urban trendy whizz kid types for doing daft things on bicycles.

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  • DesB3rd
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    Surely this is a p*ss take - 19mm, kerbs and 17.5 stone?
  • smidsy
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    DesB3rd wrote:
    Surely this is a p*ss take - 19mm, kerbs and 17.5 stone?

    Mavic Cosmic Carbones or
    Shimano RS 80 or
    Fulcrum Racing 3's

    Now THAT is a p*ss take - oh no hang on that is what people with stats like the OP actually buy and use :lol:
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  • cycleclinic
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    For going up and down kerbs a wide tyre is ideal. Wider tyre are not inherantly slower they are just heavier (rolling resistance is not dependent on tyre width so much other factors change it). A robust rim is also needed like the rigida sputnik, mavic A319...... Those notorius wheels are not meant for proyracyrd kerb hoping by a 17.5 stone man. It is the tyre volume that protects the rim although I am sure my advise is not what the OP wants to hear.
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