Bike radar website crashing Google Chrome every time

Guys, every time I access the Bike Radar website it crashes my Google Chrome browser. The website hangs and the only way of getting round it is to end the google chrome process.

Is anyone else experiencing this? For me it's been happening for roughly 3 months.

I only mention because this doesn't happen with any other website.

I'm using Windows 7 with the following Google Chrome extensions: DoNotTrackMe and AdBlock.


  • Cleat Eastwood
    Cleat Eastwood Posts: 7,508
    I had exactly the same with DoNotTrack me - the login would hang the site and crash. Its not AD|3lock - so you can still use that - I use Facebook disconnect another anti tracking extension and that works ok. Disable the donottrackme and i betcha it'll work.
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