2012 Scott Foil 20 - Size 52cm?

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Anyone know where I can get a new Scott Foil 20 2012 in a 52cm?
I have tried to get both Epic and Damian Harris to go lower than £2300 for the 2013 as some folk on here said they managed to get a new Foil 20 2013 for £2150 but they wont budge.

All advice welcome as I need something ASAP to replace my Cannondale Super Six Ultegra.


  • jordan_217
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    Try Westbrooks but phone them, as they may not show stock on their website. They sell a lot of Scotts and have a good relationship with the distributor so can get hold of things most shops can't and can also be very competitive with their pricing:

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    Cheers mate.