Worn out Zipp 404s

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I've been told that the rims on my 404s are worn out and need replacing. Zipp are happy to do this for £650 .... per wheel! I have tried wheelsmiths but they can no longer do this. Are there any other UK based more sensibly priced options or am I faced with throwing the wheels away (or paying £1,300)?


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    I'd get some 50mm carbon wheels built up by Wheelsmith to your spec. I've had a pair of Zipps and now have some wheelsmiths on PMP hubs, they're great as my mate Tony would say...
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    Chances are the spokes are seized in too, that's my expereince at least

    http://paolocoppo.drupalgardens.com/con ... o-zipp-now

    And after reading the following topic, you might not want to keep the hubs either (if they are the same hubs)


    So yes, they are a write off... however, if you have the old model with hubs drilled for J spokes, then you can keep the hubs and rebuild on these with different rims
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