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Porto Colom, Mallorca.

AK_jnrAK_jnr Posts: 717
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I have just booked a holiday with the mrs for next week to Porto Colum. I know the main cycling hub is to the north but if I can get out a few times I'll be happy.

Does anyone know somewhere to hire a bike and maybe some strava/garmin routes that I can have a look at?



  • peasepease Posts: 150
    We stwyed there recently in the ola cecila hotel (technically it was cala marcal ) there is a place up the hill walking towards the port that does car moped and bike hire not sure to what extent though. To be honest saw very few roadies about. If you want to hire a bike Google bike hire in in palma you'll find a few of them can deliver to the hotel for a small fee. Or ask the hotel themselves.

    Enjoy the weather it was hot enough when we were there in early June.
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  • AK_jnrAK_jnr Posts: 717
    Ah thats where im staying, how is it there?
    I found one called velosport that delivers but it would work out about 200 euro's for 10 days, is that the norm?

    Ive found one switchback road with 1000feet of climbing in 3 miles quite close so I will probably head that way.

    Thanks for your help
  • the_prophetthe_prophet Posts: 426
    sant salvador is not too far up the road, and a decent climb worth a visit.
  • AK_jnrAK_jnr Posts: 717
    Yeah that does look a good climb, 1000 in 3 miles is a lot better than I can find here. Thanks. :)
  • Gazzetta67Gazzetta67 Posts: 2,006
    Canyon Bikes have a Bike Station in Cala d'or just down the coast from you. - DONT go paying €200 euro's mate thats a rip off for a week. There is a Swiss/German site called Max Hurzeler bicycle holidays with hire stations all over the island . I have managed to book a Cube bike for 7 days for €100...Tho everyone is different you might want a top end dura ace/record equipped bike but you will need to add another 60 or 70 euro's.
  • peasepease Posts: 150
    It was okay. Its three star all inclusive so expect that level of service. Food is random and alway with salad. Beer wasn't to my liking ( im a craft beer fan) but did drink quite a bit of tunel (in the green bottles at end of the bar) pablo in tye bar was great with the kids. Beach is a stones throw away. Entertainment starts late and is basic.

    I recommend the star fish boat trip to cala dor if you have kids.
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  • mallorcajeffmallorcajeff Posts: 2,259
    Try the canyon link on the bottom of their webpage. As suggested max hurzeler have a station that way. Salvador is a good climb, sky train on it every time they are here.
  • Buckie2k5Buckie2k5 Posts: 600
    sitting reading this as the rain and wind is battering the window. I also have a house full of kids and women. OMG iam depressed lol. Iam on the verge of going out for a ride just for the quiet. It is wild out there though. man up??
  • hopakhopak Posts: 193
    AK_jnr wrote:
    Yeah that does look a good climb, 1000 in 3 miles is a lot better than I can find here. Thanks. :)

    It's a killer.
    I did it in 1st gear in a Fiat 500.
  • peasepease Posts: 150
    So how was it ?
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  • AK_jnrAK_jnr Posts: 717
    Got back Tuesday.

    It was really good thanks.
    I managed to hire a Canyon Aeroad DI2 for €165. San Salvador was a lovely mountain to base my training around. Quite tough on a 53/39 but awesome views at the top.

    I had to get up at 6am to get out for a few hours to stop the mrs moaning so couldnt get massive mileage in but it kept some of the food from sticking to my waist!

    The Mallorcan roads are something else. And the drivers. I dont recall having to dodge one pothole. Makes it so easy to cruise at fast speed.

    100% going back for a dedicated cycling trip to explore more but I would recommend Cala Marcal to people.
  • AK_jnrAK_jnr Posts: 717
    Oh and you'll find the rides here if anyones interested.
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