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Joe_s101Joe_s101 Posts: 17
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Does anyone know if you use a Garmin 800 and iPhone on the same ride and post on the site, does it double the values?

I have a few friends that do this and if the above doubles your miles then that's cheating! Cheating yourself more to the point.



  • DavdandyDavdandy Posts: 571
    Why would anyone do it then.I see no point whatsoever in even contemplating it.I could say i have ridden 5000 miles this week,its a lie of course and i know it,so why?
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  • Joe_s101Joe_s101 Posts: 17
    I know it's sad and be be honest annoying!
  • Yes, it doubles your mileage.
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • Joe_s101Joe_s101 Posts: 17
    Yes, it doubles your mileage.
    Thanks for that I will shame him. :twisted:
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