Are these genuine, or cheap 'n nasty copies ?

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I've noticed a few very similar looking websites based in the USA that offer team kit at really cheap prices, for example: ... s-set.html

I've only come across this link while trying to find Pozatto's 2010 Katusha jersey, and can't find anything in Europe. I'm in no way bargain hunting and would happily pay the 'normal' price for pro team kit. The price on this site looks too good to be true, yet appears to have the Santini logo on it. They've even got some Assos: ... s-set.html

Surely it's all just fakes, but how are they allowed to do this ?

Anyway, in my pursuit for the aforementioned Italian champs jersey, would be above item actually be any good ? Has anyone bought anything from these sites before ?


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    replica kit sounds so much less inflammatory than fake, I think! Wording on the ads looks non-western, I'd bet this is a US outlet importing from China. This subject always attracts strong opinions, much of which has been said in other similar posts. I'm fine with the replica kit morale, my Monton jersey is good quality for the price and still going strong. I think the full price some people pay for 'authentic' kit is a rip off and probably from same factory, maybe just not seconds or surplus stock. Its the middle men making the huge markups, I cannot justify $100 and up for cycling jerseys made of bulk manufactured breathable synthetic fibre and screen printed.
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    Lots of authentic 'designer' clothing etc is made in China and the Far East
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    Can we get this one locked before it all kicks off again....PLEASE!!!!!!!!
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    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
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    I don't consider these to be replica clothing, that's my point. If you buy a Santini jersey, it's marked as 'Santini' and certainly would cost more than $25.

    I've bought plenty of replica team jerseys before, and they've always come with original manufacturers tags, i.e. Nalini, Giordana, Castelli to name a few. And they're usually made in Italy, or at least Europe. They're not the exact same clothing issued to the pro team riders, but quite similar.

    What I'm asking is why the supplier I've linked to earlier is able to sell what appears to be Santini or Assos clothing, when it isn't actually made by those manufacturers. Or maybe I'm wrong - I'm just wanting to know if anyone has purchased clothing from these guys before.

    If you haven't purchased from these guys before, no need to reply, especially if you just want to ask for the topic to be closed :wink:
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    If its too cheap - then it won't be assos etc. It will be a chinese copy.

    FWIW my cheap chinese sky shorts outlived the genuine adidas sky shorts. FFS....
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    No returns address - walk away

    No email address - walk away

    Free email address - walk away

    No telephone number - walk away

    Badly written english - walk away

    They'll get away with until one of the manufacturers finds them and takes action. Then they will pop up again with a new name.

    In this case I don't even think they will deliver anything. Their returns FAQ says:
    How do I return an item?
    If you wish to make a return, please repackage your order in its original packing, ensuring it is well-protected from the elements.

    So you are dependent on them sending a returns address with the package. Spend your $25 on lotery tickets you more chance of a return.
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    Thanks for those last replies guys - sorry if you've all discussed this before, but it was new to me, and didn't think such companies could get away with selling copies that still have manufacturer's names on the front.

    So anyway, it answers my question - even though I'd love that Italian champs Katusha jersey, I want to know where my money is going and don't want to support that type of business.