Giant Defy 4 or Boardman Team

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I'm looking to buy either of the above. I can get a new Defy 4 from the Giant shop for 600 or a 2011 Boardman Team from a local seller in good condition for 550.

Any suggestions?

The last bike I bought was a cheap impulse Argon 18 TT which I rarely use as I hate the shifters on the aero bars.


  • elderone
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    I got a defy 4 the other week and its a cracking bike.Personally I would get the defy over the boardman as its brand new and that counts for a lot.
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  • Love my Defy 4 no experience of the Boardman tho. Enjoy whatever you choose.
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  • Yes that's what I'm thinking... There'll be no unexpected costs with the new bike.