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Just wanted to say how impressed I am with Decathlon's customer service.

I bought some 'Shorts 5' (2nd from bottom of the pun intended) in blue for a tenner back in January. They'd been going fine on mid-range runs but the stitching on the inside had started to come loose a little. I was still wearing the shorts but, as they have a two-year warranty, thought I'd email Decathlon to see if I could get a new pair.

They replied within 24 hours - a phone call and an email - and said this would be fine, just pop the old pair in the post and a new pair will be sent out. So far, so standard.

I then emailed them back to ask if, as these were my only pair of shorts and I didn't want to be without a pair, they could send out the new shorts before I returned the old ones. No problem, they said. Also, as the Shorts 5 were no longer available in blue, so I asked for a pair of plain black ones.

One day later, I've got a package in the post - next day delivery, all paid for. And inside are my replacement shorts - but Decathlon have actually upgraded me to their 'Shorts 7', one level off their top-of-range shorts, replete with gel inserts and all that jazz. These retail for over £40 at the mo - considering my original shorts only cost a tenner I have to say I am very happy.

They have been similarly helpful before. I bought a new wheel and only realised it was the wrong size once the return period had expired - again, when I explained this they said it was no problem.

I realise their website is a bit barmy but all in all I'd give a big thumbs up to their customer service.


  • That's very impressive! Thought this was going to be negative but always good to hear about a supplier going the extra mile!
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