Trek Domane 5.9 wheels

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Just ordered a Domane 5.9 :D very excited ! It comes with Bontrager race lite wheels , I have some Shimano rs80 wheels , would I be better off using these ? Not sure how good the Bontrager ones will be , thanks .


  • Mickyg88
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    Wait until you get the bike, a great choice too, try both wheels and if the Bontrager are better sell me the rs80's cheap.
  • the new rl tubeless ready are very decent wheels, as Bontrager is known for their not overly marketed but high quality produce. I really found them an improvement over the old rl which were relatively heavy, narrow and slow to wind up. I'd take the rl over the rs80 but it wouldn't hurt if you'd try them side by side and see which one you like.
  • Cheers guys , will try the Bontragers for a while then ,only thing to choose now is pedals , looking at the carbon ultegras as seen as everything else is ultegra , any reason to go with something different keo for eg ?
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    I've had a 5.9 for a couple of months now and it is a fantastic all round package. As suggested by the others, stick with the Bonti's for now. Tubeless ready should you wish to go down that road and shod with decent 25mm tyres...and they look good too. :D
    I have Keo's on mine. Slightly lighter than the Shimano's but both are great options.
  • Evil Laugh
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    Stick with shimano pedals. Keos have limited range of adjustability in comparison.
  • don't go for the shimano ultegra pedals (just to complete your ultegra kit!) the 105 ones are the same while being more wear resistant. They weigh a whopping 3 grams heavier but save you around 60 bucks!
  • Turns out they couldnt get me a 5.9 ! but they did get hold of a red white and black project one 6 series. Full ultegra , race lite wheels ,stem saddle etc . I managed to get it for £3000 , just priced it up on the Trek website at £4400 so it looks like a good deal . Only thing it hasnt got that the 5.9 had was the di2 but the frame is better so I could always upgrade to that later if I wanted to. Will post some pics when I pick it up next week , I ordered the carbon Ultegra pedals in the end ,picked up a duotrap also :D