Riding Tour stages before and/or after pros

Chinley Churner
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I'm off to near Aix-Les-Bains on hols in July and am keen to ride Stage 20... how much access, closures, signage etc does there tend to be in the days either side of the stage?


  • slowbike
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    We saw mid stage last year and the road was open until about an hour before the caravan was due. You'd have no problems riding the stage the day before/after - other than normal traffic & allowed routing. I rode a short section (a slight incline) of the ride on the day - the Crowed cheered me on and Police just smiled and waved - but this was before the caravan was due!! If you're going to do it on the day you might want to leave really early or late cos otherwise they're gonna catch you!

    I think the only barricaded bits are the start/finish areas which may be out of bounds for longer than the rest of the road - for the most part the rest of the road is pretty much "business as usual" - with the exception of the crowds on the side of the road.
  • or if you're going to be over there on the 7th you could try and bunk onto L'Etape and take advantage of the closed roads, signage etc :wink:
  • greasedscotsman
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    ...signage etc does there tend to be in the days either side of the stage?

    Not very much. Marker arrows are put out, but get nicked by fans very quickly.
  • Cheers... not out there until the 17th but will try and ride it either day before or day after.. I've managed to find a GPX file of the route http://ridewithgps.com/routes/2670731
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    I hope to ride up the Alpe on stage 18 before the pros arrive & then ride to the Madelaine summit in time for the pros on stage 19. Time it right & you'll be fine.