2 or 3 £1000 bikes or 1 £3000ish bike

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I've currently got a bianchi coast to coast via nirone 7. Not the best but it does me fine. Its been fitted so its very comfortable and i can go pretty quick on it. I've put Planet X al30 wheels on it so runs a little better.

I do various different types of riding, I do triathlon both oylimpic and half ironman as well as normal road riding including long distance full days out.

So would I be better keeping my c2c as a general road bike and spending around 1500ish on a tri bike or would I be be better spending more cash on a new all rounder that I can use for everything but only have the 1 bike
I was considering a custom made bike (previous post) but have been swayed away from that.

So what you thinks better 2 £1000-1500 bikes
Or 1 2500-£3000 bike that does it all?

I should mention Im a novice on tri bikes!


  • Buy dedicated bikes for the type of riding you do, but may be invest in a couple of sets of decent wheels.
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    Keep your bike and get a tri bike.
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    Buy a proper tri bike and keep the one you have as well.