Specialized Allez 2010 for £320?

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So I'm looking at my first road bike and have found a Specialized Allez 2010 going for £320 in my local area but is it a good deal? It seems to be in good condition to my untrained eye but I'm not too sure how much they go for or if there is better out there for the money. Thanks for any advice :)


  • Mr Dog
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    Seems a good price. Check the frame for damage, especially cracks... and make sure it's the right size! Everything else can be changed over time. :D
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  • slowbike
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    They are nice frames - and I think that the 2010 had carbon forks too ...

    Not the raciest of positioning - but you get a good ride anyway. I did 4000 miles on mine ... now selling :( due to a carbon frame entering the garage :)
  • Thanks for the replies. I think I'm going to go for it. About the cracks, I'm guessing they are more likely to occur at the welds?
  • denniskwok
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    I used to have a Specialized Allez Sport 2010 and sold it last year on ebay totally standard, except for pedals, for £575. Decent secondhand XS frames are like hens teeth and I sold it on the back of the London Olympics.

    Your price of £320 sounds like a good deal.
  • pkripper
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    depends entirely on the spec and use. bearing in mind that the current basic allez can be had in the region of £500, is it any better spec than that? If not, I'd go new. Would bits need repairing / replacing - again consider new. Plus you get a warranty.